First- thank you for visiting Shutter Sight. My name is Ashley Rankin.  
           I was born and raised in what I consider to be the most beautiful place in the world: the desert spanning across the Southern Utah and Northern Arizona border, in a little boat storage town on the south shores of Lake Powell. I still presently reside in my hometown of Big Water, Utah with my two sons: Noah and Archer. They are why I am driven to succeed in serving my clients. Aside from graphic design and marketing- I spend my time writing, playing piano, taking photos, crocheting, and exploring the region with my children. I have long had an affinity for interior design as well.
           I began pursuing graphic design and marketing as a hobby in early childhood: when I'd bring home business cards from my local community bulletin board to redesign them *prettier*, or help my teachers with flyers. I think I was drawn to the power of Marketing. I love working for myself because I can choose carefully which brands, businesses, and individuals I represent. Because marketing is one of the great powers of the world- it can also be a great evil in the world. I pursue this art because I can channel its power into something good. Into missions I can stand by, into businesses that align with my moral compass, into bringing people together for a common cause.
           I live for the times when I sit down for an initial consult with a client and I feel a sense of serendipity about the opportunity they are giving me to represent their business.
           I want to hear about your business. Let's see if we can help each other.

           Here on my website, you can find information about the services that I offer, look through my portfolio, read testimonials, contact me, and learn about my pricing. Looking forward to speaking with you-